Become A 'Supporter' - Get Exclusives

Posted by William Surgeon on

Help us create new horror content and get exclusives, freebies, VIP access, and MORE!

We post the passcodes to these exclusive items in the Facebook group that is accessed only to iHorror VIP members.

You can become an iHorror VIP member, or "Supporters" as it's called on Facebook, by going to while being logged in to Facebook. 

HOWEVER, this is a new option provided by Facebook so sometimes an error page appears.  If it does... not to worry... you can just go to the iHorror Facebook page at

Under the main banner, you will see a "Become A Supporter" button.  Click that to signup and start getting the VIP treatment!

We hope you enjoy all the extras we're doing for members!

We appreciate your help in growing our iHorror programs and will be bringing you great items this fall season!

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